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There Are Tenders Then There’s An Argos Nautic

The Argos Nautic GT11 offers unprecedented comfort for two adults in the bow and two aft.

For some yacht owners, a tender is simply a means of transportation. In contrast, the bespoke four-passenger Argos Nautic GT11 echoes the grace and status of the mothership it serves. Perfect for serving vessels ranging between 45′-70′, the 11′ outboard-powered luxury RIB provides its owners with a refined aesthetic wedded to breathtaking driving dynamics.

Designed by renowned naval architect Patrizio Facheris, the lines of the GT11 betray its Italian heritage. The sides of the tubes sweep gently aft ending in a rakish angle, while the deck curves inwards at the front to create a distinctively pleasing bow. A slightly off-center helm console makes steering comfortable whether alone or with another on the aft seat; it also makes moving within the boat effortless. Stainless steel rails meld gracefully into the gunwales for a dramatic profile.

Like all Argos Nautic tenders, the GT11 is customizable. Owners can select from an extensive palette of colors, textures and patterns to make their boat singularly unique amidst a sea of production boats. The result can be a one-of-a-kind artistic masterwork or a reflection of the mothership itself.

While compact, the Argos Nautic GT11 offers unprecedented comfort for two adults in the bow and two aft. The seating is ergonomically plush and thoughtfully designed. Plus, ample storage means passengers can relax and not worry about hanging on to belongings.

Powered by a 30 hp outboard, the Argos Nautic GT11 will top 30 mph; with a 40 hp engine, it’ll reach 40 mph. But with all this speed, the tender still delivers a dry, stable ride. It accelerates quickly, confidently carves through turns and handles choppy water with aplomb.

The GT11 weighs a mere 750 lbs. fully rigged. With an inflated beam of 5′ 10″ and an overall height of only 3′ 9″, it’s perfect for storage on deck or davits, or inside a tender garage.

As a commitment to product safety and quality, the Argos Nautic GT11 is NMMA Certified to ABYC standards. Hand-built in the USA by skilled craftsmen, it radiates the meticulous quality discerning yacht owners demand. From bow to stern, only the finest components are chosen to complement the tender. Plus, a wide array of optional equipment can configure the vessel to meet the widest range of needs. Well appointed, the Argos Nautic GT11 starts at $21,450.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.

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