Threadfin Stocked at Greers Ferry, Arkansas

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Threadfin Stocked at Greers Ferry, Arkansas
In May, 30,000 pre-spawn adult threadfin shad (photo right) were stocked into the AGFC’s Greers Ferry Lake nursery pond. After three months of spawning and growing, AGFC staff opened the gate to the pond and released about 1 million fingerling threadfin shad. Based on the size distribution of the sampled fingerlings, it appears that the adult shad were able to get off two spawns in the nursery pond this year. Staff say this makes the sixth year in a row that Tthreadfin shad have either been raised and stocked through the nursery pond, direct stocked into the lake, or both.
Both sample data and angler reports have demonstrated that the forage base in Greers Ferry Lake has benefited from this stocking effort.
This has been done in concert with an ongoing vegetation project there. In the summer of 2020 a vegetation reestablishment project was started on Greers Ferry Lake. Previous attempts at establishing water willow were thought by AGFC staff to be a bust, but as it turns out the water willow that was transplanted 15 years ago is thriving. This time around, though, staff attempted to establish coontail. Staff have made multiple attempts to verify if coontail established, but the great phytoplankton bloom on the water the last two summers prevented staff from diving to visually inspect it.
However, with the coontail at the end of its reproduction cycle and the growing season for the plant coming to an end, staffers recently pulled the remaining cages from the lake; plus they needed to inspect the cages for maintenance. After breaking a vegetation cage anchor free and pulling it up, the staff discovered some coontail. Apparently, as the anchor drug across the lake bed, it pulled up some coontail with it.
Although this was a fairly small piece of vegetation, it was a huge victory for the staff in demonstrating that this was not a wasted effort and the project should be continued to add more needed vegetation for the predator fish and prey in Greers Ferry Lake.