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Tigress Aluminum Accessories for Your Big Days on the Water

Lake Worth, Fl – In addition to their tourney-winning fishing equipment, Tigress has a host of products designed to make offshore angler’s time on the water more enjoyable. All of Tigress’ products are built to stand up in harsh saltwater environments, so they’ll look and perform flawlessly for a lifetime.


Offshore anglers can let everyone know about a successful day on the water using one of Tigress’ XD Flag Poles. Tigress’ XD Flag Poles come in two lengths and feature anodized aluminum shafts for long life and good looks. Gimbal butts fit in standard 1-5/8″ rod holders, installing in an instant and keeping flags flying true steaming back to port. The 42″ long flag pole holds two 12″ sandbar flags or one 20″ x 24″ dive flag, letting others know about the big catch or warning of a diver down. The 54″ long flag pole holds 36″ x 60″ flag or 20″ x 24″ dive flag, letting Old Glory fly in style.


Tigress’ Portable Cleats let offshore anglers make use of an empty rod holder to hold a fender while rafting up to the sandbar, or as a hose holder while cleaning the deck, or to more securely tie up back at the dock. The portable cleats are available in 15- and 36-inch heights, so there’s a size that works with any boat, regardless of gunnel height and docking situations. The 36″ size is ideal for transom cross ties, keeping lines from chafing boats while adding an extra layer of security. Whichever you choose, the full-sized 9-inch cleat positioned at a 10-degree angle is ideal for nearly any function.


Tigress’ Shore Power Cord Holder is perfect for holding shore power cords above the gunnel and free of obstacles in home-port or at a temporary berth on an extended cruise. An open top makes inserting long cords and hoses easy, with an overlap to keep them in place even when conditions turn rough. The 15-degree bent butt accommodates the angles found in most rod holders, keeping the pole vertical and the cord moving freely. The Shore Power Cord Holder is also excellent for holding a hose while cleaning the boat. The Portable Cleats and Shore Power Cord Holder fit in standard 1-5/8″ rod holders.


Deep drop fishing is a productive way to catch swordfish, but leaving several pounds of lead loose on the deck is a recipe for disaster. Tigress’ Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder fits in standard gunnel rod holders to protect boats and passengers from damage when motoring out to the hole. The lead holder adjusts to accommodate rod holders with 0, 15 and 30-degree angles, so it will work on any boat. Tigress’ Portable Cleats, Shore Power Cord Holder, and Deep Drop Lead Holder are easily stowable, portable, and great for travel. The anodized aluminum construction resists the rigors of the sea for a lifetime on the salt.


Tigress can help offshore anglers unwind with a high-quality cup holder that fits standard bottles and cans as well as 20- or 30-ounce tumblers. The stainless construction resists stains from acidic drinks like coffee, so it’s sure to look good for years to come. A connection for a 3/8″ hose lets the cup holder drain quickly, whether it becomes swamped from big seas or spills. The cup holder installs in a 4 1/8″ hole or can be used in conjunction with Tigress’ weld-on mounting ring 88586-1.


Offshore anglers have trusted Tigress to provide the accessories and gear needed to put more fish in the box out on the open seas. Now anglers can put that trust in their line-up of great products designed to make life more comfortable on the water.
Adjustable Deep Drop Lead Holder
  • Fits into gunnel rod holder
  • Adjustable angles, 0, 15 and 30 degree
  • Protect your boat and rod holders from damage
  • Perfect for sword-fishing and deep-dropping
  • Portable and storable
  • Made of anodized aluminum
Portable Cleats
  • Easily stowable, portable cleats available in 15- and 36- inch heights
  • Full-size 9-inch cleat positioned at a 10-degree angle is perfect for holding a fender at the sandbar, using as an extra cleat, or using as a hose holder while washing the boat
  • 36″ size is ideal for transom cross tie
  • Fits standard 1-5/8″ rod holders
  • Made of anodized aluminum
Shore Power Cord Holder
  • Perfect for holding your shore power cord or hose while cleaning the boat
  • Easily stowable, portable, and great for travel
  • 15-degree bent butt accommodates most gunnels
  • Fits standard 1-5/8″ rod holders
  • Made of anodized aluminum
XD Flag Poles
  • Gimbal butt makes flying in any rod holder a breeze
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Easy to store
  • Fits standard 1-5/8″ rod holders
Cup Holder
  • Fits 20- and 30-ounce tumblers
  • Stainless construction resists stains
  • 3/8″ hose size lets cup holder drain quickly
  • Mates with mounting ring 88586-1
  • 4 1/8″ hole size


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