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Tips For Catching the State Fish of Texas

If you’re looking for a classic Texas experience, fish for Guadalupe bass in the Hill Country. It’s our official state fish, and the only bass found exclusively in Texas.

The Guadalupe bass was once on the brink of disappearing. But restoration efforts that began in 1991 continue to pay off, and today you’ll find them in 7 rivers – all of which have plenty of public access due to our river access program.

Small versions of largemouth lures work on Guadalupe bass, like in-line spinners, crayfish imitation crankbaits or Ned rig. They also go for insects, so test your fly fishing skills on these little fighters. Look for them at the edge of currents and under rock ledges. You can catch up to 5 per day, with no size limit.

Our fish and wildlife will have a better future if the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act passes – and you can help. Watch a video message from TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith to find out more.

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