Tips for Fall Fishing in Indiana

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Tips for Fall Fishing in Indiana

Late fall is here, and the fish are still biting. Fish are especially active in the afternoon and early evening this time of year as they eat aggressively to prepare for winter. Look for baitfish (like minnows and shad) being chased near the surface, along the shore, and up creeks. Check for underwater cover where predator fish can ambush prey. As winter approaches, water will continue to cool and fish patterns will most likely change. Start by working shallow water and at the surface with larger lures. Be prepared to downsize lures, switch to deeper-diving lures, or change the speed that you are reeling in if you aren’t getting bites.

Here are some lures to try in late fall:

inline spinners – 1/8 oz.; colors: chartreuse (yellow-green) and white/silver

crankbaits – Iipless and lipped (shallow, mid-depth, and deep running); colors: shad, bluegill, and chartreuse

spinner baits with willow leaf blades – 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz.; colors: white and chartreuse

crappie jigs – 1/16 oz. “crappie” jig heads with white and chartreuse curly tail grubs, 2” soft baits with single tapered tail, and 1.5” tube jigs with tentacle tails

bass jigs – mushroom-style jig heads (1/16 oz. with size 2 hook and 1/8 oz. with 2/0 hook) with 3-4” dark-colored soft plastic

Wondering when to use which fishing lure? See our website.