Tips for Monster Catfish

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Tips for Monster Catfish

Capt. Ty Konkle is well known for his ability to catch trophy catfish. Recent proof came in November when he put clients on two triple-digit blues on the same day. The two phenomenal catches were characterized by one thing—they came from deep water in the Tennessee River Gorge.

Fishing deep water is not necessarily harder to fish, but it can be frustrating enough to keep some anglers from probing the deeper waters for the trophy cats that live there. His willingness to explore and fish deep water partially explains Konkle’s success in catching numerous trophy cats for his clients.

“Deep water isn’t inherently harder to fish than anywhere else,” Konkle stated. “But it is definitely harder in the river gorge due to the overwhelming amount of structure on the deep river bottom. There are rocks down there that are literally the size of houses.”

According to Konkle, the deep water is especially productive in clear water conditions and during high light conditions because it offers security to the cats. He generally targets trophy cats deeper in the winter than in the summer.

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