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Top 5 Bass Baits for May

Of all the months, May might be the best for bass fishing. No matter where you live, most of the bass population is likely shallow and ready to eat. In addition, it’s a month when many different lures will work, according to accomplished bass pro Greg Hackney.

“May is one of those months when many things are going to work, and you can fish just about anything and catch bass,” he said. “You’ve got fish in all stages, doing some of everything. Some are still up shallow, and some are starting to migrate to deeper water if they’ve already spawned, but they’re not all doing the same thing.”

Another consideration is where you live, as different climates can mean vastly different things in May. “It all depends on what part of the country you are in,” he said. “In certain parts of the country, you can be out offshore with a deep diving crankbait; up north, they are still spawning. There’s so much going on this month, and you also might have a shad spawn or bluegill spawn bite happening.”

With all the variables out there, Hackney still relies on a core group of baits, no matter where he finds himself during May.

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