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Top 5 Winter Tactics For Bass

When we hit the winter months on the calendar, some take some time off because the bite and conditions get tough. But, at the same time, others take winter head-on and take advantage of the reduced number of fishermen. Whatever group you fall into, use this time of the year to clear your mind, learn as much as possible, and set the slate clean for next year.

For those who will be on the water, winter fishing can be a time to put some bass over the side of the boat. We will break down five tested tactics for taking bass late into the cold water season. We’ll also look at this time of the season to try a few things you have been kicking around and get the ball rolling to start a new season just around the corner.

Before we start, please let me set a few important points. First, at this time of the season, no matter where you’re fishing, if you don’t wear a life jacket during the year, please make sure that you do this time of the year. All it takes is one wrong step, and you could be out of your boat in a heartbeat, and depending on water temperatures, it could be a fight to get back into your boat again. A life jacket will improve your odds of getting back into your boat and help insulate your body, reducing heat loss around your heart.

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