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Top Walleye Tips from Northland Pro Joel Nelson

BEMIDJI, Minn.Welcome to Joel Nelson’s laboratory. No lab coat, but rather a Northland sweatshirt. No sanitary white environment, instead the toasty, homey confines of a heated fish house. You won’t see beakers, Bunsen burners, test tubes or petri dishes, either. Nelson’s tools of the trade are ice fishing electronics, carefully crafted and selected rods and reels, and an array of walleye-esque Northland lures.

From his ice fishing lab, Nelson hypothesizes about hardwater walleyes in the form of five key tips that have proven effective in his quest to solve winter’s riddle. He pontificates about fishing higher in the water column, lure experimentation, dialing in the details like drag settings and hook sizes, and much more.

Enjoy his discourse.


Loud and proud. Aces for a variety of species on both open and frozen waters, Northland’s Rippin Shad is a Nelson go-to for taming aggressors as well as piquing interest from neutral to negative fish. Key attributes of the Rippin Shad include its internally weighted rattle chamber, which emits sonic vibration, flat-head design for tight wiggling action, and the wide array of walleye-inspired colors available.


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