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DAIWA’s new ZAKANA KO Jig fights as a lightweight but delivers heavyweight blows

Foothill Ranch, CA – There’s a tangible trend with offshore and nearshore anglers fishing lighter and exploring more of the water column, not just bombing the bottom. For one, numbers of saltwater species operate off the bottom, especially when its lunchtime. Secondly, even seafloor huggers like snapper and grouper rise to the occasion when something temps them from above. The long-range vision of saltwater fish is often unappreciated. 

So, to facilitate this move toward saltwater “finesse fishing,” DAIWA adds to its already expansive library of jigging spoons. Welcome the ZAKANA KO Jig

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The Super Light Jigging (SLJ) bait is a dynamic performer, showcasing gymnastic moves travelling both up and down in the water column. And it’s the tumbling action on the fall that DAIWA Marketing Director Marc Mills first notes: “The ZAKANA KO Jig really captures the currents, fluttering and tumbling on its way down.” 

Mills suggests adding intermittent rips while the ZAKANA KO Jig makes its way downward. Essentially, stair-stepping to the bottom. Depth-wise, Mills says the ZAKANA KO Jig is most effective in depths of 150-feet and under. Deeper, and it’s time to break out DAIWA’s Saltiga SK or ZAKANA Jigs. 

The action of the ZAKANA KO Jig needs to be experienced. Through ingenious design and molding, the ZAKANA KO Jig is tail-weighted. Meaning, the molten metal forms in teardrop form on one end of the jig. Subsequently, on the drop, the heavier end swooshes out and away, catching currents, and flutters as it descends – each rip and fall unique in its path of travel. Purposefully erratic… 

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Mills says the ZAKANA KO Jig is best fished on spinning gear, reel sizes ranging from 3000 to 5000. To that, he suggests employing DAIWA’s new metered J-Braid Grand x8 Multi Color, which yields visible verification of how much line is out. 15- to 30 lb. weights are recommended to maximize feel and minimize the bowing experienced with heavier line. 

DAIWA’s marketing director also suggests tying to the split-ring that connects to the hook. Doing so greatly lessens the chance of the jig kicking out of the fish’s mouth. 

The hooks themselves are top-shelf, saltwater-grade, and feature tinsel tails to emulate a flickering baitfish tail. 

The ZAKANA KO Jig is available in four colors and sizes, patterns to include MAIWASHI, ZEBRA GLOW GG, COTTON CANDY and BLUE PINK. 

Don’t settle for a split-decision with the fish. Knock them to the mat with DAIWA’s new ZAKANA KO Jig.

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  • Super Light Jigging (SLG)
  • Unique tail-weighted design for maximum action
  • Glides with underwater currents
  • Salt-water grade hooks with tinsel tails
  • Oversized eyeballs
  • Detailed finish
  • Four sizes: 3/4oz (20g), 1oz (30g), 1.4oz (40g), 2oz (60g)
  • Four hook sizes: #2 (20g), #1 (30g), #1/0 (40g), #2/0 (60g)

MSRP $12.99

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Pair DAIWA ZAKANA KO Jigs with the Perfect Rod

DAIWA provides the needed rods for this specialized technique with its new Harrier Super Light Jigging spinning rods, with four 6’10” models to optimally handle jigs from 20- to 100-grams.

The series includes the ultralight power model (HRSLJ610ULS) rated for use with up to 20-pound braid and jigs up to 45-grams; a light power (HRSLS610LS) rod also for up to 20-pound braid and up to 60-gram jigs; and both for use with up to 30-pound, a medium-light power (HRSLJ610MLS) for jigs up to 80-grams and a medium power (HRSLJ610MS) for jigs up to 100-grams.

With the Harrier Super Light Jig rods lightweight thin blank featuring a strong background and an extra-sensitive tip, anglers using the rapid rod movement and fast retrieves can finesse their jigs to entice exciting fish strikes. The rods rely on DAIWA’s HVF NANOPLUS carbon technology to reinforce the blank through a micro-level arrangement of material in the plastic resin, creating a smaller, lighter, and rigid yet powerful blank with impressive fish-stopping power despite the size. The X-45 Bias Construction has greater strength and prevents twisting and ovalization. If the blank maintains hoop strength under load, it is much more powerful for its size. They all feature Tangle Free Fuji K-Guides.

For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: The URL for Daiwa’s web site is

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