TRCP’s Top Five Conservation Priorities for the 117th Congress

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TRCP’s Top Five Conservation Priorities for the 117th Congress

The 116th Congress was historic in its conservation achievements, with passage of legislation to boost fish habitat, wildlife health, clean water resources, and public land access. But as more Americans have turned to the outdoors during the pandemic, there is more for the 117th Congress to get done. Nothing sparks bipartisanship quite like conservation, and TRCP looks forward to working with our Democratic and Republican allies to assemble the next coalitions for conservation policy success. Here are three of the top five conservation priorities we’ll push lawmakers to tackle first. Skip to the full list by clicking here.

  • Create conservation jobs. With 10 million Americans out of work from the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress should craft economic recovery legislation that invests in conservation programs with a track record of creating jobs and restoring our natural resources.
  • Modernize public land data. Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people interface with our public lands, but it has also highlighted how little data about these lands is available in a digital format. Lawmakers must reintroduce and pass the MAPLand Act to provide the funding for national land management agencies to digitize paper maps, access data, and recreational use regulations.
  • Safeguard the future of deer hunting. More than half the states in the country are now dealing with chronic wasting disease. It is time for Congress to act on comprehensive legislation to fund strong state response plans, including better testing and surveillance, funding for better research, and improved management of the movement of live deer.