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Trigger Oversized Predators with Shimano Coltsniper Splash Walk

The rocky shorelines and cold offshore waters from the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are home to the best striped bass fishing in the world. These anadromous predators slash their way through schools of baitfish as they migrate to large freshwater tributaries to spawn in the spring, and then slide back to fertile inshore and offshore waters in the summer and fall. Stripers drive one the most dynamic saltwater fisheries on the planet during their annual movements, attracting the attention of surfcasters, charter captains, and anglers alike. Now, Shimano introduces the Coltsniper Splash Walk – one of the most thoughtfully designed and thoroughly engineered topwater pencils on the market – to trigger strikes from these oversized predators.

“Striped bass are one of the coolest fish we have,” notes Capt. Jack Sprengel, a highly respected charter captain at East Coast Charters in Rhode Island. “One of my favorite things about striped bass is that they mean so many things to different folks. For kids, they are the small fish under the dock in the marina. For purists, they are the perfect light tackle or fly targets in the surf. For me, they are a technical, challenging sportfish – and my favorite way to catch these fish is watching them attack topwater lures like the new Coltsniper Splash Walk.”

Shimano designed the Coltsniper Splash Walk  – a 7 ¼-inch (185 mm)-long pencil popper weighing 3 ⅜ ounces –  with a single goal in mind: drive large predators crazy. The lure features a cupped head design, imparting a nearly stationary walk-the-dog action that keeps the lure in the strike zone longer and is sure to get the attention of any large game fish — especially big striped bass. Sprengel asserts that, “this is the lure we’ve all been waiting for! I love its ability to switch between a wide glide and a tight walk, and that it sticks to the water like glue even under extremely windy conditions. The Splash Walk can cover water quickly to search an area, or walked almost in-place with tons of water-throwing action allowing for more accurate strikes and secure hookups than most lures in its class.”

The Coltsniper Splash Walk features an internal rattle system with a low-pitch knock, drawing the attention of aggressive, predatory stripers. “I generally like low-pitch rattles rather than high-pitch for striped bass,” continues Sprengel. “Smaller fish will attack lures with high-pitch rattles, but the larger bass – the ones we’re after –  tend to like the low-pitch best.” The science of sound reveals that a low-pitch knock also travels farther through the water than high-pitch rattles, attracting fish from long distances to investigate – and attack.

Engineered to be heavier in the tail section than the head, the Coltsniper Splash Walk sits with a vertical posture, rather than a horizontal one, when at rest in the water. This innovative design feature increases hookup ratios and reduces the chances that a large fish might miss the bait, knocking the plug out of the water rather than connecting with it during an aggressive strike.

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Thoughtful Shimano engineering ensures that strikes are translated directly into landed fish, rather than heartbreaks caused by lure failure. To that end, the Coltsniper Splash Walk is designed with through-wire construction, providing enhanced durability when battling oversized fish. “Powerful coastal species like striped bass, jacks, and other large predators can wreak havoc on lures, resulting in the loss of the hard-earned catch,” states Sprengel.  “The Splash Walk’s heavy-duty, through-wire construction creates a continuous loop of structural integrity along the length of the lure’s frame, securely anchoring all of the lure’s hooks and other components and ensuring a solid connection to one’s catch.” Robust hardware, including 3X-strong treble hooks and split rings, will help anglers tame the savage beasts that swim below.

Because the best topwater action often happens far away from the boat or shore, Shimano designed the Coltsniper Splash Walk to cast longer than any other surface pencil by incorporating Shimano’s Propulsion Weight Transfer System.  This technological innovation allows an internal weight to slide toward the back of the lure during the cast and spring forward to rebalance the lure when it hits the water, increasing casting distance by up to 22% compared to lures of similar dimensions.


Each Coltsniper Splash Walk features a Kyorin finish to give the lure a lifelike appearance, fortifying its visual appeal to wary predators. Kyorin delivers an unparalleled, holographic scale pattern finish to the lures, scattering ambient light throughout the water column just like a nervous, fleeing baitfish. “The Splash Walk’s Kyorin finish offers one of the most realistic lure appearances on the market for its price,” continues Sprengel. “With an emphasis on baitfish colorations and patterns, lifelike scales and a hard-to-resist flash, the Kyorin finish provides an extra level of enticement that triggers strikes even on days when the fish are most selective.”

The Coltsniper Splash Walk will be available soon in six color patterns that cover a wide range of ambient light and water conditions, including Black Back, Bunker, Blue Sardine, Bone White, Green Mackerel and Squid. Look for the Coltsniper Splash Walk at your favorite retailer with an MSRP of $18.99.


Low-Pitch Knock
Propulsion Weight Transfer System
Through-Wire Construction
Kyorin Lifelike Holographic Design

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