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Two New Record Fish Certified

The Connecticut Fish and Wildlife division recently approved a pair of new state record catches made in October.

record white marlin

White Marlin: Caught on October 12 by Aaron Kolodzieg at the Hudson Canyon, this fish weighted in at 110.4 pounds and was 75 inches long.

record conger eel

Conger Eel: Caught on October 22, this eel was caught by Steven Bender. The eel measured 51.75 inches and tipped the scale at 13.8 pounds. While the Conger Eel may not be seen all that commonly, the fish is reported to be commonly found along the Eastern coast where it frequents rocky substrates and wrecks. It has a similar life history as the American eel, however, it does not have a freshwater phase. This fish in in line with the maximum size for Conger Eels.

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