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Two Ways To Catch More Springtime Bass With Spinnerbaits

Spring is a season full of changes. Trees bud, grass greens, and water warms as each day brings more daylight. Bass notice that last detail, kicking off a feeding frenzy and pushing to shallow water in preparation for spawning. Bass anglers take notice, too. And spinnerbaits are an excellent way for them to go along for the ride.

A stalwart lure in almost every tackle box, spinnerbaits have been benched by many anglers for the most part. Instead, vibrating jigs, and in some situations, umbrella rigs have replaced them in the starting lineup. But that doesn’t mean spinnerbaits strike out when catching today’s bass. On the contrary, plenty fall for their whirling blades and pulsating skirt, including some of the year’s biggest. And that’s just the beginning of why you should send one to bat in spring.

Spinnerbaits’ most significant benefit is their ability to cover vast amounts of water effectively. That’s important in spring. Prespawn bass don’t stay still for long, moving to shallow spawning flats from deeper wintering holes. And as spring progresses, the weather stabilizes and warms, only accelerating their movements.

But there are more benefits to spinnerbaits. Their bulk and flashy blades take advantage of springtime bass’ aggressive nature. And an almost uncountable number of blade, weight and color combinations are available, so it’s easy to find one that best suits your current fishing situation or the bass’ preference, whether matching hatch or mood.

While spinnerbaits can be fished in various spots and ways, two stand out in spring. One deep and one shallow, they help you keep pace with bass during this season of change. Here’s how to approach both so that you can catch more and bigger bass.

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