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Unlocking The Secrets To Locating Fall Bass: 3 Sneaky Techniques

The time for fall fishing is arriving fast in some areas while it may be a month or two away in others. Nothing is more exciting than the fall fishery for bass…well maybe except the spawning period, but more on that another day. In the fall, bass begin to fatten up for the winter months where they become a little more lethargic and don’t so much eat less, but eat a lot more sporadically. Fall bass fishing can also be one of the most frustrating times for anglers as the fish are transitioning, moving in different patterns and basically are running amok, just searching for an easy meal. Even though the title alludes to sneaky techniques for catching bass while fall fishing, there are really no sneaky ones, but definitely three I like that will aid in you scoring as the waters cool down, and the fish become a little sporadic. My three favorite bass fishing tips are topwater baits on points, big baits and to keep moving. Last but not least is the back of creeks and coves. Although I will not dive into this tip as most bass anglers already know it is a hot area, oxygen will always be higher, and with this, there will always be baitfish. 

Fall bass fishing

Topwater on Points

On any lake, there are always areas where bait will congregate. You can always find bait in the summer in the channels, mouths of creeks, along rocky shoreline etc. While fall fishing, one prominent place I have always found bait is the backs of creeks and canals. As the waters cool, these shallower areas will be more oxygen rich which bodes well for the baitfish. Virtually every creek or canal has a point at the beginning. And these points are where I have found a good bite in the fall while bass fishing. The baitfish must pass these points to get to the “better water.”

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

I have found the key to success on these points is a topwater Zara Spook or Berkley Drift Walker 110. I feel the key to this fishery is long casts. These two lures cast like missiles, so long casts are very obtainable. The right rod, reel and line combination is critical to your success. For me, I use the KastKing Spirale Casting Rod / 7’3″ / Moderate-Medium-1Pc and KastKing Deadbolt baitcasting reel. I like the deadbolt as the no drag option gives me instant hookups from afar. On the line end, 10-pound KastKing 13X braid and 20-pound test monofilament leader round out the gear.

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