Unveiling the “MegaJaws”

Veteran Oklahoma tournament bass angler James Elam knows fishing tackle. When money is on the line, he relies on KastKing’s MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reel for putting big dollar bass in his livewell.

“I really love this reel because it comes in moderate and fast gear ratios, which makes it extremely versatile for my fishing.” says the 36-year old Tulsa angler with over $750,000 in career tournament winnings.. “This reel casts far; it really bombs a lure a long way. That’s important when fishing for spooky fish in clear water, and you can’t get close to them to tempt a bite.”

The reel’s Auto-adjustment Magnetic Braking System (AMB) rarely backlashes, as the system automatically adjusts the reel brakes depending on the speed of the spool. This allows for further casting with no worry of a line snarl.

kastking megajaws 01

KastKing’s MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reel is available in a 7.2:1 retrieve ratio and a 9.2:1 retrieve ratio. Elam loves the faster retrieve reel when fishing anything slow for bass.

“It really helps when a fish blows up on a LIVETARGET Frog or a topwater, and I have to get a cast back to the fish as fast as possible,” he explains. “That high-speed retrieve (9-to-1) gets my lure back pronto, so I can get that bait back to the bass before the fish leaves or cools down from the frenzy of striking.”

The slower retrieve 7.2:1 MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reel is Elam’s choice when cranking plugs or using any hard lures, vibrating artificial, and swim baits.

“It’s easy to overwork a lure with a high-speed reel, so the slower retrieve ratio is great for a lot of cranking,” he explains. “It’s also my favorite when using lipless crankbaits, spinner-baits, and chatter baits. The reel also is my choice when the water is cool, or there’s a cold front, and slower retrieves are best.”

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Although Elam uses his MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reels as a standard cast and retrieve bait-caster, it is unsurpassed for flipping and pitching.

“The reel has a very handy flipping switch that allows for hard, fast strikes without having to crank the handle,” says the Major League Fishing pro with seven years of tournament experience and three wins in big-money events. “Turn on the flipping switch, depress the thumb bar, and it lets your line out; release it, and line stops – that’s vital for flippin’ big fish in rough cover.”

MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reels are lightweight and fit in a hand well for easy palming of the reel.

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Elam uses all fluorocarbon line on his MegaJaws Elite, 12 to 20 pounds. The only exception is when fishing very heavy cover in Florida or other Southern states where big bass are found in weedy jungles. In such places, he uses braided line of the same pound test, often with a fluorocarbon leader.

Rod choice for use with MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reels is easy for Elam.

“Any of the KastKing Speed Demon Pro series rods are great,” he says. “I use all of them, from 6-feet-10 to 7-feet-11, depending on how I’m fishing, where, and with what line and lures. They match perfectly with MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reels.”

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  • CNC Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Low Profile, Palm- Perfect Design
  • Auto-Adjusted Magnetic Braking System
  • Close-In Fishing Flippin’ Switch
  • Digi-Cut 7075 Aerospace-Quality Aluminum Gears
  • Right or Left-Handed 7.2:1 (Dark Galaxy) and 9.1:1 (Predator Red)

MSRP: $129.99

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Founded in 2013, KastKing had a vision of producing quality products designed by anglers for anglers and delivered directly to the consumer at affordable prices. True to that vision, KastKing products are developed through feedback from the fishing community and go straight to the manufacturing floor. This inverse of the traditional manufacturer-to-consumer formula introduces cutting-edge features into new products that anglers want and need. The brand has gained popularity among anglers by offering affordable innovation through in-house engineering, which allows KastKing to provide never before seen technology at truly remarkable prices. Ten years later, KastKing products have been sold to consumers in more than 150 countries and regions across the globe through a variety of supply chains. Originally, KastKing’s products were only available online, but consumers can now find their favorite products in a growing number of retail locations. For more information about KastKing and KastKing products, please visit our website at kastking.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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