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Use the Tide When Chasing Virginia’s Tidal River Largemouth Bass

It was one of those outings that linger in a fisherman’s memory bank forever. The weather was perfect, with moderate temperatures, light winds, and cloudless azure skies. The river we planned to fish was running clear with a rich, deep green color. And we were hitting the tide perfectly as we arrived at the marina on the Chickahominy River near Williamsburg.

Tides? Yes, that’s right. We were fishing a tidal stretch or river where not croakers, spot, or sea trout were king, but the freshwater angler’s favorite gamefish: the largemouth bass.

We could feel it in our bones that this was going to be an amazing fishing day. It was. I had joined friends and bass guides, Pete Cissel and Glenn Peacock for a day of experiencing one of Virginia’s most overlooked fishing resources—brackish water largemouths.

The tide was falling, which meant the best bass fishing would come quickly. After loading our gear, we roared off to a creek Pete knew usually held lots of largemouths and began casting. The bass should be lined up where the creek fed into the larger river, slurping down baitfish, shrimp, and insects washed out by the heavy tidal pull.

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