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Virginia Requests Angler Help in Catfish Tracking Project

DWR has started a blue catfish project in the James River system and has tagged 40 blue catfish of all sizes. These fish have been internally tagged with an acoustic tag that will track their movement throughout the river as well as an external dart tag to help anglers identify these fish, if caught. We’ll be able to collect data from tagged blue catfish for the next 10 years! The results of this project will help us understand the seasonal movements of blue catfish and identify aggregation areas.

If you catch a blue catfish with a red dart tag in the James or Chickahominy River: take a photo of the tag or record the three-digit tag identification number and report the tag to DWR at the phone number on the tag. If you release the fish, please leave the tag in. If you’re keeping the fish, please reach out to DWR at the phone number on the tag and we’ll collect the internal acoustic tag to use again.

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