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Virtual Antique Lures Class for Student Anglers

Southern Fishing News has posted the second in their “Student Angler Class Series-“Antique Lures.” This presentation follows the previous “Finesse Fishing” downloadable class that has almost 500 downloads to date. The Antique Lures presentation takes readers through some lure history and shows many early lures that influenced the modern lures of today.

The class is available as a PowerPoint file or the new PDF version which is a much smaller file size than the PowerPoint file. The difference between the files, in addition to the file size, is the PDF does not include any of the animations contained in the PowerPoint version.

This downloadable class is available at no charge. The presentation is geared to high school bass clubs and youth anglers. However, any other interested bass anglers are welcome to download either file.

To download the selected class file go to our website at From the News page select “Southern Fishing New Student Angler Class – Antique Lures”. This will take you to the web page with the download links.


NOTE TO DOWNLOADERS: The PowerPoint class is an “open” file so readers will need to click on “Slideshow” in the menu and then select “From Beginning”. Advance the slides with a mouse click or the direction arrows on the computer keyboard.


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