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Walleye Jig Fishing Tips

Brad Hawthorne breaks down the in’s and out’s of the Northland Deep-Vee Jig, which has become a serious walleye-catching weapon in our arsenal this past year.

The biggest thing to note is how well this jig tracks when you pitch it out this is due to the unique head design that is keeled to fall faster and also fall straighter so you’re getting longer time in the strike zone and more distance on every cast. This is the most efficient jig on the market.

Always listen to the fish and change up your retrieves based on what the behavior of the walleyes are. Brad starts slow and will speed up based on the bite. Brad will ramp up his retrieve until he’s not getting bit anymore then brings it back down slightly. Don’t start fast, that’s the key.

This Deep-Vee Jig is a great plastic jig with a specialty hook keeper that locks plastics into places and gives the bait good action while keeping the plastic tracking true thanks to the design of the head. The fact that Deep-Vee falls so fast you can actually use a lighter jig than standard ball head jig with a 1/4 oz going all the way down to 20+ feet.

In terms of variety, the Deep-Vee has 12 colors and 4 sizes meaning you can fish anything from panfish to walleye, bass to pike. You may need to play with color a little bit based on conditions and water clarity but you can never go wrong starting with something bright and easily visible which can not only help fish find the bite but also trigger them to eat.

And if fishing hair jigs is more of your style, the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig is available as well and you can check out a video about them here with Jason Mitchell.

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