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Waypoint brings march madness to the wilderness with their series showdown


Austin TX – Waypoint TV gears up for their second annual Series Showdown, pitting their top shows against each other in a fan-determined contest on Instagram. The showdown that was launched in 2020 as a way to bring fans together during the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns was a huge success and Waypoint TV aims to make it an annual contest that only grows with time.


The series showdown is a March Madness style bracket that Waypoint TV created in the spring of 2020. The contest pits different shows on their network against each other with a fan lead voting system that is hosted on the many Waypoint TV Instagram pages. Each show gets a chance to rally their fan base and encourage them to vote them into the next round. The winner of the showdown is awarded exclusive bragging rights and an exclusive marathon on the Waypoint TV network.


Competition gets heated as the shows work to encourage their followers to vote and even offered prizes for those that could gather the largest amount of additional voters. There are brackets for fishing and  hunting shows each with 16 shows.

WaypointTVBrackets 1

While many fans find the Showdown as a great way to support and engage with their favorite TV personalities, this year promises to be an even bigger event. The most dedicated and passionate fans can win secret prizes and an official trophy goes to  the winning shows. The Series Showdown can been seen on the Waypoint Instagram accounts @waypointtv, @waypoinghunt, and @waypointfish but is also promoted on their other social platforms.


Waypoint TV is a streaming service dedicated to providing an outlet to the outdoors for all people through technology. They launched their app in 2016 and work with tv personalities to bring their unique shows to the world through their app and digital streaming channels.




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