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­Waypoint TV To Unveil Inaugural Waypoint Original Series: The Reel American Road Trip


Austin, TX – Waypoint TV, the world’s leading entertainment destination for hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure programming, is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of the Waypoint Original Series, The Reel American Road Trip, hosted by renowned angler and North Georgia native, Danny Pruitt. The Reel American Road Trip, a SC Originals series produced by Super Chief and Whisper Productions is a unique fishing lifestyle series that promises to redefine the genre.

The Reel American Road Trip is set to officially premiere on the Waypoint TV Channel Monday, August 7 at 9:00 PM ET during Waypoint TV’s Mission: Adventure Monday programming block and is available on Samsung TV Plus (Channel 1184), PLUTO TV, VIZIO WatchFree+ (Channel 630), LG Channels (Channel 486), FuboTV, Sling Freestream, XUMO (Channel 718), Local Now (Channel 2100), Tubi, and on the Waypoint TV website or app.

Waypoint TV takes immense pride in bringing its viewers an extraordinary original series that celebrates the passion and reverence for fishing, epitomized by the charismatic host Danny Pruitt. Throughout each episode, viewers will experience remarkable journeys alongside Danny as he travels the country, exploring some of the nation’s best-kept secret fishing spots. In doing so, he will unravel the core of diverse communities, embrace novel cultures, indulge in delectable cuisines, and encounter unforgettable personalities, rendering each episode a genuinely unique and riveting story.

As a North Georgia native, Danny Pruitt is no stranger to fishing lakes and ponds, and this is where his expertise lies. However, his goal in this new series is to venture beyond bass fishing and the pines. The Reel American Road Trip endeavors to transform the traditional fishing show by blending travel, food, and fishing into intriguing half-hour episodes. As the series unfolds, viewers will accompany Danny on visits to local restaurants, dive bars, and bait shops, each offering a distinctive touch to the towns he visits. The show also seeks to highlight and educate audiences about the richness of America’s streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

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With the launch of and involvement in The Reel American Road Trip, Waypoint TV reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative and compelling content, continuing to elevate outdoor programming to unparalleled heights.

“The Reel American Road Trip is the first of its kind in our industry, and we’re excited to be able to share it with our audience finally,” said Builder Brock, CEO of Waypoint TV. “With the extraordinary vision of SC Originals, Super Chief, Whisper Productions, and talented host Danny Pruitt, this production has been brought to life, and we’re confident this series will redefine the meaning of fishing entertainment. We’re celebrating the love of fishing and showing viewers the world of adventure and culture surrounding it. This is bound to impact the outdoor programming landscape positively.”

“SC Originals has been producing original content for the last few years, and when we were creating our new traveling fishing show, we knew we wanted it to be accessible to everyone,” said SC Originals Co-Founder and Partner, Jonny Ginese. “When it came to a distribution partner, Waypoint TV was at the top of our minds. They are the fastest-growing digital outdoor channel which is free for everyone.  It was an obvious choice for us, and we couldn’t be happier. The Reel American Road Trip shows the everyday angler where to fish, eat, drink, and stay, it’s almost like we’re planning their next fishing adventure, and we love that.” 

Waypoint TV invites viewers to watch new episodes of The Reel American Road Trip every Monday at 9:00 and 9:30 PM ET, with additional airings on Wednesdays at 4:30 am ET, Fridays at 10 am ET, Saturdays at 8 am ET, and Sundays at 11 pm ET. 

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 About Reel American Road Trip

The Reel American Road Trip, produced by SC Originals in collaboration with Waypoint TV, follows host Danny Pruitt as he adventures around the country fishing in some of the Nation’s best-kept secrets, all while discovering the communities, culture, food, and people that make each episode unique and entertaining. Accustomed to the lakes and ponds of North Georgia, Danny’s goal is to catch more than just Bass, see more than just the Pines, and eat and drink in places he never thought he would ever visit.

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