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What A Fish Finder Can Do For Your Trolling Motor

Ever since Minn Kota® integrated GPS technology into a trolling motor more than 10 years ago, it’s opened up a new universe of boat control.

Everyone knows about Spot-Lock®, which enables Minn Kota trolling motors to not just take you anywhere, but keep you there. But when Minn Kota and its sister company Humminbird® teamed up to create the One-Boat Network®, it weaponized GPS technology for anglers with a huge variety of new boat control techniques and tricks.

The One-Boat Network consists of Minn Kota and Humminbird products that integrate and communicate to deliver advanced features and control from anywhere on the boat. And Ultrex™, Minn Kota’s ultimate weapon, is even more powerful when you connect it to your Humminbird.

Here’s how to get more out of Ultrex, the most trusted motor on the water.

Ultrex™ Keeps You on a Depth Contour Automatically

The “Follow” feature is one of the most powerful capabilities of the One-Boat Network. Once your Ultrex and your Humminbird fish finder are networked, you can select a contour (depth, bottom hardness or vegetation) on your maps and Ultrex will follow it automatically. You pick the path, and Ultrex keeps you right on top of it. You can even use “Contour Offset” to stay a set distance from a contour. Your Ultrex drives the boat, and you cast to the fish.


A Self-Driving Boat That Knows Your Favorite Spots

Your Humminbird is a treasure trove of all your best spots from the places you fish the most. With the One-Boat Network, Ultrex can take you to them automatically. Just select the point, use the Go To feature, and Ultrex will use GPS technology to take you right to that saved waypoint. When you arrive, Ultrex can turn itself off, go directly into Spot-Lock, or deploy your Raptor or Talon shallow water anchors automatically. All that time you used to spend driving the boat to your spot and trying to get and stay in position? It’s gone. While Ultrex takes you to your spot, you can use the time to prepare your lines and tackle for when you arrive.


Save Your Best Trolling Paths In Your Fish Finder

You’re going to have plenty of good fishing runs with Ultrex – picking apart structure, chasing down bites. When you have a path you want to retrace, your Humminbird makes it easy. Just use the BackTracks feature at the end of a run to save that path and retrace it automatically. Or you can string together your saved waypoints and Spot-Locks as a Route, and Ultrex can drive you along it at the push of a button. It’s another innovation that makes navigation automatic and leaves you free to fish.

There’s a reason Ultrex is one of the most proven motors on the water: advanced technology with trusted Minn Kota toughness. But until you hook Ultrex up to a Humminbird using the One-Boat Network, you’re only scratching the surface of what it can do. With effortless, responsive control, Ultrex gives you more casts, more catches and more of what you came out for. Because the best fishermen just fish.


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