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What Makes Seafood Sustainable?

Jared Auerbach reached into a pile of long, skinny razor clams, pulled one out and cracked it open.

Uh oh, I thought.

We were only 20 minutes into the interview and I had already eaten two raw scallops. They were delicious, like butter. But I was sure I’d soon be doubled over with food poisoning.

“I didn’t know you could eat razor clams,” I said. “How do you eat them?”

“What do you think my answer is going to be?” said Auerbach, gleefully slicing clam meat with his shucking knife. “Raw!”

He offered the knife, a flap of clam flesh dangling off the blade.

I ate it. It tasted like the ocean. (And no, I didn’t get sick.)

Following Auerbach through the packing floor of his seafood company, Red’s Best, is like chasing a kid through a candy shop — albeit a candy shop with buckets of monkfish livers, trays of squid tentacles and 50-pound bags of scallop meat.

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