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Why Wear Fishing Gloves? 

Fish Monkey

Although glove usage among anglers has skyrocketed over the last few years, many still ask the question: why wear fishing gloves in the first place? After all, we probably grew up fishing with our fathers and our grandfathers, and they never wore gloves—why start now? 

Better technology has enabled the anglers of today to take advantage of many products that were not available to previous generations, or that simply had not yet been invented yet. Today, just as we have high-tech braided lines which greatly outperform standard monofilament and moisture-wicking performance fabrics that have largely replaced cotton t-shirts on the water, we can now protect ourselves much better from not just the sun but the rigors of a day on the water. 

How many times have you returned from a fishing trip with your hands covered in small nicks, cuts and scrapes? Maybe you’ve noticed more of those brown age spots on the backs of your hands as well, signs of permanent and irreversible sun damage. A good pair of fishing gloves can go a long way toward reducing both of those issues. Fish Monkey, the industry leader in performance fishing gloves, has a complete line of 26 models to cover virtually any angling scenario, from freshwater bass and trout to saltwater inshore and offshore and even specialty gloves for cold weather and ice fishing, leadering pelagic gamefish, slow-pitch jigging and popping, fly-fishing and even cleaning fish at the end of the day. Here are a few things to look for in a good fishing glove. 

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The first is that it must be comfortable enough to wear all day. If not, they’ll stay in the tackle box rather than on your hands. Fish Monkey understands this, which is why their products begin with a second skin fit that naturally contours to your hands. Their sun-protection products are designed using lightweight quick-drying synthetic fabrics which also offer an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating of 50-plus, the highest in the industry. There’s a range of protection depending on the style, from the minimalist Stubby to the slightly longer fingers and cuffs of the Pro 365 Guide glove and Half-Finger Guide glove, to the Full-Finger Guide glove. There is also additional padding and grip in the palms to help you keep a secure yet tactile feel on your gear all day long, while increasing the comfort level and reducing fatigue. Bass fishermen, jiggers and poppers and flyrod aficionados are just some of those who appreciate the improved comfort of a good pair of gloves while making hundreds of casts during the day.


Aside from sun protection, gloves also protect your hands from all those little nicks and scrapes we mentioned previously. Fish Monkey designs have protective padding in the key areas of the fingers and palms, allowing you to handle or release fish with ease while also taking wraps with braided line without worry of it cutting into your fingers or hands. Bass anglers love these gloves because they virtually eliminate “bass thumb,” the abrasions from lipping and releasing largemouths all day. There are also specific products for leadering fish which have significantly increased amounts of padding and protection—including Kevlar—while the fish-cleaning styles contain ANSI-rated cut-resistant fibers to protect from knife cuts, perfect for chumming or chunking as well as cleaning fish at the end of the day. 

Additional Benefits

Live-bait fishermen are cautious to not use sunscreen on their hands, knowing these products can not only kill fragile baitfish but at the very least can leave a telltale scent behind, reducing a live bait’s effectiveness on the hook. Fishing gloves provide excellent sun and hand protection without the need for those goopy, smelly sunscreens—and if you combine gloves with a long-sleeve performance fishing shirt, face guard and hat, you can just about leave the sunscreen at home. Gloves should also look good. Fish Monkey has multiple color patterns and styles in each brand to match the wearer’s individual sense of style, from mild to wild. And they need to be durable and able to withstand the rigors of not just life on the water but also repeated washings. Fish Monkey products are crafted with this in mind. As the No. 1 choice of professionals around the world, these products are constructed with durability as a top consideration. And thanks to input from a promotional staff comprised of dozens of sport fishing’s top professional anglers, captains and guides, Fish Monkey products remain on the cutting edge—if there’s a need for it on the water, the company responds with a corresponding product to not just meet but exceed those expectations. 

While the reasons for wearing fishing gloves are many, the real keys are comfort, protection and performance—stay more comfortable and your time spent on the water will be that much more enjoyable. To learn more, check out Fish Monkey’s full line at

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