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Wild Society Coffee Adds to its Ongoing Conservation Strategy

BOZEMAN, Mont. –  Wild Society Coffee Company – a company whose core belief is “putting back more than we take” – recently worked together with Kuiu Conservation Direct, Leupold, the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, the Arizona Game & Fish Department, and a host of volunteers to both fund and implement the transplant of 82 bighorn sheep. Thirty desert bighorn and 52 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep were relocated into four different remote locations in Arizona where the sheep have an excellent chance of survival and population growth. In all, $164,000 was raised to fund the projects, with this donation funding 100 percent of the sheep transplant projects in the state of Arizona in 2021.

“While we have given money to a myriad of conservation initiatives, never before have we been able to so intimately see the power of that investment being put to work like this project,” said Jeff Edwards, co-founder, Wild Society Coffee. “This project made a measurable difference in the population of wild sheep and is an amazing example of hunters doing great things for wildlife. It is projects like this that show how the hunting community puts their money, time, expertise, and sweat equity into actually conserving wildlife and its habitat because, at the end of the day, hunting truly is conservation.”

The company currently offers superb microground instant coffee and ground coffees, and will be coming out with new products as well as apparel this Spring. In addition to offering delicious coffee, Wild Society Coffee invests 20 percent of all profits into conservation projects that put resources back into wild places. “At Wild Society Coffee, we take conservation very seriously,” Edwards said. “In fact, it’s in our corporate mission statement. We are committed to working to manage, protect, and preserve our public lands and waters with the people who know them best. We listen to the science and data to drive the decisions we make. We invite you to join us for a great cup of coffee that will Fuel Your Experience in becoming a participant in the stewardship of our wild places and wild resources.”

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, Wild Society Coffee is a community of adventurers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who have taken it upon themselves to bring better coffee, from a better company. From the Aliulik Peninsula on Kodiak Island to Carmen Island, Mexico and everywhere in-between; they spent countless days in desolate places never satisfied with the coffee they had until now. Additionally, twenty percent of all profits from both the coffee and apparel go directly to actionable conservation projects in North America. For more information on Wild Society Coffee, its products, and its conservation strategy visit

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