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Wind Developer Slates Meeting for Angler Input
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind LLC, will be holding a public meeting on January 13, 2021 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. A followup meeting will take place on January 20, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Atlantic Shores successfully bid and secured the rights to develop the commercial wind lease area 0499 which includes 183,353 acres off the New Jersey coast from Island Beach State Park down to Great Egg Inlet. Depending upon the available output per turbine, anglers can expect to see approximately 175-200 turbines in 0499 upon full build out. The purpose of the virtual meeting will be to introduce Atlantic Shores to stakeholders, outline the plans for commercial wind lease area 0499 and to gather input from the recreational fishing industry. This meeting will be an opportunity for fishermen to provide input and open a dialogue directly with the Atlantic Shores team with regard to this area and project. RFA is encouraging anglers to participate in the meeting to get a better understanding of the project and how it may impact the recreational fishing industry. More information about this meeting can be found on theAtlantic Shores website.
In 2015, Atlantic Shores won a competitive bid to construct and operate a commercial offshore wind facility for the purpose of electricity generation in lease area 0499. Wind lease area 0499 is one of 16 current lease areas identified by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) from Massachusetts down to North Carolina. These wind development areas were identified through a lengthy site assessment process conducted by the Department of Interior in 2011. Leases to develop these areas were issued to qualified developers with lease payments based on the size of the area and for a term of 25 years of operation. It is important to understand this background and that the issuance of the current leases went through the appropriate regulatory process and are legally binding. Meaning, offshore wind is likely coming and anglers and groups such as the RFA have a responsibility to take advantage of any opportunity to provide input when possible. That input can be critical to help minimize negative impacts to fish, fishing grounds and fishermen as offshore wind facilities are designed, constructed and put into operation.
The January 13th public meeting will be an opportunity to provide input as Atlantic Shores considers the design, layout and scale of their offshore wind array. The meeting will also be a chance to speak with Capt. Adam Nowalsky who is currently working with Atlantic Shores and serving as a conduit between recreational fishermen and the development team. Information that has been gathered from our sector over the past few months will be presented at the meeting and Atlantic Shores will look to expand the scope of that input through these outreach meetings. Adam is the first recreational-specific fisheries representative hired by an offshore wind developer. RFA acknowledges this action and sees it as positive step in gathering meaningful input from our sector which stands to be the most effected stakeholder group with regard to offshore wind development.
For questions about the events, contact Doug [email protected] or Capt. Adam Nowalsky at (609) 618-0366.
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