Winter Is Coming!

Destin, Florida: While we may be just approaching spring across the United States, it’s important to remember that cold weather will be upon us soon enough. A reminder from your friends at Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey, the world’s leading brands of high-performance fishing and hunting gloves, that wholesale orders for Fall/Winter 2022 should be placed soon.

“We’re finding that people are experiencing the outdoors more than ever these days and they are also extending their fishing and hunting much deeper into the colder parts of the year. Each season it seems like we have a great run on our cold-weather products,” says Fish Monkey/Hunt Monkey founder and president Tim Mossberg. “Our goal is to be sure that you’re ready to meet that demand.”

Fish Monkey has several great lines of cool and cold-weather gloves which are specifically designed for fishing, with angler dexterity and glove performance at the top of the list. From the half-finger and full-finger Wooly to the Backcountry II all the way to the Yeti, the world’s most technical, fully waterproof extreme fishing glove, Fish Monkey has your customer’s best interest in mind when it comes to chilly fishing conditions.

For the hunter, Hunt Monkey has taken that same philosophy and applied it to high-performance gloves and products for the duck blind and deer stand. Hunters understand the need for not just warm hands but also dexterity and safety with archery and firearms, as well as concealment. Hunt Monkey products are designed with these factors in mind, and in just a few short seasons the brand has become a leader in the industry. To learn more about Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey, head to

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