Wisconsin Stocked Trout Season Now Open

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Wisconsin Stocked Trout Season Now Open

In preparation for the May 1 fishing opener, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been stocking catchable trout into waterbodies across the state.

The DNR plans to stock over 760,000 trout this spring, including:

  • 235,000 rainbow trout,
  • 290,000 brown trout,
  • 190,000 brook trout, and
  • 46,000 lake trout

These rainbow, brook, brown and lake trout have been raised at the Nevin, Osceola, St. Croix and Les Voigt fish hatcheries over the past couple of years.

All anglers planning to fish for catchable trout should check the regulations for minimum length requirements and daily bag limits as all regulations and license requirements apply.

Anglers  need to possess a 2021-2022 fishing license as well as an inland and/or Great Lakes trout stamp, which can be purchased from GoWild.wi.gov.

Urban Pond Stocking

This year, DNR fisheries staff will stock an additional 70,000 trout into small lakes and ponds under 25 acres in urban areas that are intensively and cooperatively managed with local municipalities. These urban fishing locations were designed to make fishing opportunities more readily available, and to encourage young people to go fishing.

Here’s a list of local urban fishing locations.

It’s important to remember that only kids under the age of 15 and certain disabled anglers can fish these urban waters. Check out page 23-24 of the Guide to Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations for daily bag limits for these urban ponds