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X2Power Introduces Lithium Batteries

HARTLAND, Wisc. – Adding to an already powerful lineup of AGM batteries, X2Power has introduced four new deep cycle, lithium battery options specifically designed for the kayak angler, boater and RV enthusiast.

On the water or in the RV, there is no doubt that your power source is going to stand up to the conditions and be able to keep your equipment powered up. The solution is easy, X2Power lithium marine batteries are the clear choice for anglers, boaters and RV enthusiasts who demand the ultimate best performance.

“The X2Power brand has made a significant push into the fishing space with our line of AGM batteries. We have been asked time and time again about if and when we would be introducing a lithium lineup and are proud to launch our expanded line for our customers! X2Power now stands as the ultimate power source no matter the option you choose, AGM or lithium.” Stated X2Power’s VP of Category Management, Shawn Budiac.

There are several benefits to running X2Power lithium marine batteries beyond the trusted performance that comes in tow. LiFePO4 is the safest lithium battery chemistry on the market and the Battery Management System (BMS) that protects against over-charging and over-discharging leaves no doubt when making the switch to lithium. Backed by a five-year warranty and a charging time four times faster than that of a standard lead acid battery, lithium is the smart and efficient solution.

Product line:

  • X2Power LiFePO4 12V 20Ah
    • Kayak
    • Weight: 5.70lbs
    • MSRP: $229.99
  •  X2Power LiFePO4 12V 50Ah
    • Kayak
    • Weight: 13.90lbs
    • MSRP: $499.99
  • X2Power LiFePO4 G27 12V 80Ah
    • Marine/RV
    • Weight: 22.30lbs
    • MSRP: $749.99
  • X2Power LiFePO4 G31 12V 100Ah
    • Marine/RV
    • Weight: 28.20lbs
    • MSRP: $899.99

Available now at your local Batteries Plus store.

“By adding a lineup of quality high-performance lithium marine batteries to coincide with our AGMs, we really feel that we are offering our consumers the best powering options for any endeavor they choose. Given the advancements in electronics in the fishing, boating and RV space, the battery that was not long ago an afterthought is now on the front of everyone’s minds. We are proud of our introductory offering and are eager to rapidly expand our product portfolio!” concluded Budiac.

If you want to learn more about X2Power Batteries, head to Follow X2Power Batteries on Instagram here.

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