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Yakima Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker Now Available in 4-Ounce Size

Users of the Spin-N-Glo® Bottom Walker will be happy to hear the product will be available in a larger 4-ounce size beginning in 2021. Currently this fish-attracting bottom walker is available in sizes ranging from 1- to 3-ounces.


The Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker is unique in that it incorporates the patented Spin-N-Glo buoyant spinner body into its design, as each bottom walker has a size #4 Spin-N-Glo pre-rigged on the horizontal wire arm. Due to its color and vibration, the Spin-N-Glo attracts fish and its buoyancy helps keep the bottom walker upright while trolling and from tumbling on the let out. Many anglers report outstanding success when combining this bottom walker with the Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinner.


Determining which size bottom walker to use when trolling is most often determined by water depth, and the fact that they perform best when line angle is kept at or near 45 degrees. Given this, the 1-ounce bottom walker is the go-to-size when wanting to reach depths up to 10 feet, the 1 1/2-ounce size up to fifteen, the 2-ounce 20 feet, and 3-ounce best for getting down to 30 feet. The new 4-ounce size will allow anglers to reach depths of up to 40 feet, a zone where big fish often hold.


The all-new 4-ounce size will be available in four fish–attracting colors including: Flame, Flame Chartreuse (Stop N Go), Fire Tiger, and Lime Chartreuse.


For more information on the new 4-ounce size Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker contact Yakima Bait at or go to


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