Yamamoto Ichi Worm Goes Big

Irving, TX – Not all big worms are created equally. The details hidden in the design are often the true difference-maker, and the Yamamoto 10″ Ichi Worm exemplifies that distinction.

By utilizing the ribbed body much akin to the popular Yamamoto Slinko, the Ichi Worm features a bulky profile that displaces water and releases bubbles. The combination of the ribbon tail, beefy ringed body, and Mega Floater Formula ensure that the Ichi stands up and moves with ease, even with the slowest movement or lightest weights.

“The Ichi Worm is a great addition to the Yamamoto lineup,” says Yamamoto pro David Mullins. “It’s a big worm that fills a definite need. It’s got great action with the ribbon tail, and the ribbed body does an incredible job with water displacement.”

Available in 16 proven colors, the Ichi Worm appeals to the type of bass that stories are told about for decades. “It’s a must-have for fishing deep, fishing grass, or fishing just about anywhere a worm bite is going on,” says Mullins.

For 40 years, Yamamoto Baits have proven themselves to be a leading brand for every level of angler – from professional to entry-level. For more info on the Yamamoto Baits line of products, visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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