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Yellow ‘Banana Trout’ Stocked at Mann Lake

Fish and Game staff is using an unusual looking trout to provide a unique fishing opportunity at Mann Lake near Lewiston. Approximately 5,400 of these bright yellow beauties were stocked into this popular fishing destination early April.

Like albinos, the fish, known as “yellow” or “banana” trout are rainbow trout with a lack of melanin pigment that gives them a light yellow color. They don’t have red eyes, however, and aren’t true albinos.

For those who prefer a rainbow tint over yellow on their trout, have no fear! Our typical rainbow trout stockings will still be scheduled throughout the summer, so there will be a chance to catch both types of trout at this fishery.

Click on the following link for more information on when other fisheries in our region will be stocked: Fish Stocking Forecasts | Idaho Fish and Game.

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