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YUM Expands FF Sonar Minnow & Jighead Line-up

Nothing remains secret on the biggest stage in professional bass fishing – the Bassmaster Classic – which is where the angling world learned about the YUM FF Sonar Minnow system in 2022. Jason Christie used a technique he had been quietly perfecting for several years and prototype lures created for that technique on the way to winning the ’22 Classic at Lake Hartwell. The FF Sonar Minnow system proved perfect for targeting the suspended deep-water fish that Christie was watching on forward facing sonar and produced all of Christie’s deep-water fish during that Classic.

Fittingly, YUM Bait Co. is releasing an expansion of the FF Sonar Minnow line-up, adding 4- and 5-inch FF Sonar Minnows and larger FF Sonar Jigheads, at this year’s Classic, which is based in Tulsa, with the competition held on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees March 22-24. 

The original 3-inch FF Sonar Minnow became an immediate hit, primarily with bass anglers seeking to match Christie’s success and using his technique, but also with anglers rigging and presenting the baits differently. Beyond bass, the FF Sonar Minnow has gained popularity with anglers targeting other species, including walleyes, stripers, crappie and even saltwater gamefish like speckled trout and redfish.

Of course, it didn’t take long for angers to start asking for the same lure in larger sizes for water that was a little less clear, to match larger forage, to appeal to bigger fish, and to use for other applications. Among those anglers was Jason Christe, who wanted a larger FF Sonar Minnow for destinations like Grand, which is generally clear at the lower end, but not as clear as Lake Tenkiller, where he originally developed the technique.

Christie likes the 4- and 5-inch FF Sonars and corresponding larger jigheads for a beefed-up version the same technique, which involves slow, steady reeling and a slight but constant shanking of the rod, usually to target fish that are visible on forward facing sonar. However, he’s also excited about using the larger versions as trailers for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, bladed jigs and swim jigs.

Like the original 3-inch YUM FF Sonar Minnow, the 4- and 5-inch versions offer a slim shad profile and small, horizontal forked tail. They quiver when matched with FF Sonar Jigheads and have a molded scale pattern that delivers incredible realism. The new sizes comes in the same 10 highly natural baitfish colors as the original. The heads are ball-head style and feature a 90-degree line tie and a sickle style hook for perfect rigging and maximized hook-ups. The new heads, designed to match the larger FF Sonar Minnow, have a 3/O hook, and come in 3/16-,1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes, all in the same three durable glitter paint finishes as the original FF Sonar Jigheads.

MSRP: FF Sonar Minnows, $3.49; Jigheads, $3.99

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