Z-Man Introduces Immortal HerculeZ

Ladson, SC  – What would you think about an ultra-soft lure that big brawling fish try to munch to ribbons, but can’t? At what point does the performance and efficiency of a single soft swimbait at the end of your line completely surpass the value of a three-pack? How is it possible that a certain soft-bodied baitfish imitation can render a comparable hard-sided lure unnecessary?

Tie on an energetic, yet impossibly resilient swimbait named HerculeZ and answer all three questions at once.


In the fishing lure world, durable and extra-soft are supposed to be a contradiction. But not if you’re using ElaZtech®. Z-Man’s decisive first entry into the pre-rigged swimbait category, the HerculeZ Swimbait goes to battle with the toughest, meanest predators in fresh- and saltwater, bouncing back and begging for more. Crafted with a highly active, true-to-life baitfish body, the HerculeZ Swimbait is packaged by itself, because, honestly, ElaZtech ‘spare tires’ rarely leave the trunk.

“The HerculeZ Swimbait is made with big gamefish in mind,” says Z-Man collaborator and legendary world-traveled angler, Carter Andrews. “If you look at the profile and size of baitfish that monster snook, tarpon and other large predators eat most often, the 4” and 5” HerculeZ is actually a pretty precise approximation of those prey species. Problem is, most swimbaits this size aren’t equipped with hooks big enough for the task. The HerculeZ’ wide-gap, heavy duty hooks are wicked sharp. And the bait’s ElaZtech construction always holds up to the most violent slashes, strikes and abuse—even after hours or days of intense fishing action. That’s the kind of bait I need—inshore and offshore—in search of the biggest, baddest fish on earth.”

“When our Australian mates threw this bait for barramundi—one of the meanest species, freshwater or salt—they simply couldn’t destroy it,” notes Z-Man president, Daniel Nussbaum. “The HerculeZ swims with a really enticing, tail-kicking motion. But the value of tying on one swimbait at the start of the day, slinging it for hours for big violent fish—including toothy species like pike and bluefish—can’t be overstated; its durability is pretty incredible.”

Highly detailed baitfish sculpting and an exclusive, smartly designed curved paddletail give the HerculeZ Swimbait a naturalistic appearance and vibrant, rhythmic swimming action. Molded around 3/8-ounce (4”) or 5/8-ounce (5”) zinc weights, the HerculeZ Swimbait casts toward the horizon and sinks at an optimal rate for a variety of presentations. The lure’s proprietary ElaZtech composition assures tear-resistant longevity with the softness to move like a live baitfish.


Armed with a heavy duty 5/0 or 7/0 Mustad UltraPoint hook in 4” or 5” bait sizes, respectively, the HerculeZ presents the ideal match for monster fish with an attitude problem. The HerculeZ’ internal jighead is armed with a second, ventral eyelet for adding a belly treble hook. Swimbait profile features 3D eyes, ultra-detailed fins, gills and anatomy, each hand-painted in popular Z-Man color patterns. Available fall 2021 – MSRP $9.99 each.

“Imagine an ultra-realistic swimbait that combines the malleability and vitality of the softest plastics with the durability of a hardbait,” poses Andrews, host of The Obsession of Carter Andrews. “That’s why we’re so excited about the HerculeZ Swimbait.”

For more information, visit www.zmanfishing.com.


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